A dick ring is a ring that is placed around a penis at the base to slow blood-flow from the erect penis. are used to maintain longer erections and for delayed orgasm. 

Dick rings can be worn around just the penis, the scrotum, or penis and scrotum. 

A cock ring can be made of leather, rubber, or silicone, though nylon and metal, with leather being the most popular. 

Some models include a protruding clitoral stimulator, designed to tickle the clitoris, vulva or anus during sex.

Others, such as the Vibrating ring, vibrate, either vibrating the ring itself, or in a popular ‘Dolphin’ variant using two removable bullet vibrators to provide stimulation to the testicles and clitoris. 

Types of Dick Rings 

There are two different types of penus rings, traditional and vibrating. 

The traditional style ring, consisting of metal, leather or plastic (silicone) that is a ring to designed to cup the balls and penis. 

The vibrating dick ring comes in a variety of different types, designed to stimulate different areas as well as the different purposes. The ring vibrator is an excellent sex toy designed for the stimulation of both partners.  

A dick ring is designed for both heterosexual and homosexual use, the style may however change depending upon the use. 

Vibrating Jelly Ring, Anal and Clitoral 

In general, both have use in the bedroom, the dick ring is easily one of the most versatile adult toys for men.

The vibrating nodules our excellent in both anal and clitoral stimulation, and some are designed to pleasure both. Naturally the vibrating ring is an excellent enhancement to any couple’s sex life. 

Buying a dick ring is fairly painless. Once you have decided on the style and price you want to spend, start looking into sizing.

With traditional metal, plastic and leather rings, they will be either adjustable by button, or strap or metal rings have sizing and usually come in a set. 

Sizing a vibrating dick ring is a little more difficult, however you should be able to judge accurately using the average condom girth of 52mm, if you don’t fit the average condom, you might need something smaller, say 48mm and if you’re a big boy and well endowed, you’d be better going for a 54 or 56mm vibe. 

Dolphin Vibrating Dick ring 

Some have vibrators attached which can be worn to stimulate the scrotum or perineum or a partner during sexual intercourse.

Another variation is an inflatable cock ring for added control of adjustment. 

Many women find rings with vibrator attachments provide clitoral stimulation and some men enjoy using dick rings for masturbation.

Wearing of this sex toy provides better erections and delays orgasm, intensifying orgasm.

Also vibrating penus rings deliver a great range of very pleasurable vibrations that enhance enjoyment. 

A triple ring or triple crown is a dick ring that has additional rings for restraining the testicles. In orgasm, the testicles usually retract towards the body before ejaculation.

A triple crown changes and intensifies the sensation of orgasm by forcing the testicles to stay away from the body. 

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A dick ring is the most common of the sex toys for men.  

Wearing a dick ring is said to increase some men’s pleasure and sensitivity of the penis.  

Capturing the blood flow within the penis shaft and making the penis larger and harder. Some men report that using a dick ring prolongs the time it takes to ejaculate, making their partners a lot happier and in turn prolonging their own pleasure also. 

Other’s just love the sexy fashion statement made by wearing a dick ring.  

The glistening of a steel ring against a throbbing penal shaft. The BDSM look of leather, either a studded dick ring or a plain leather ring.  

There are also others that just like the feel of their dick and balls circled in either leather or shimmering steel. 

Many men also love the Male Chastity Dick Toys aspect and the handing over of power to another in sexual foreplay. Whether in steel or leather these Male Chastity Dick Rings can make for some fun play. 

Measuring yourself for your new ring. 

There are several different types of dick rings to choose from. 

The first and foremost thing to remember is not use one that is too tight. 

If the ring (also known as a Penis Ring) is adjustable, do not tighten it too much. The rule of thumb for the correct size of a dick ring is the measurement of the diameter around the penis and testicles (from the base of the shaft and the scrotum). 

Then divide the measurement by a 3.1 ratio. 

Please Keep in Mind that you should never use a penis ring that measures less than this, or you may have a problem removing the dick ring. 

How to Put on a Dick Ring 

Like most things there are tricks of the trade and putting on a cock ring is no different, however once mastered it’s very simple. 

  1. Pull the scrotal skin through the ring
  2. Simply pop the balls through the dick ring.
  3. Bend the penis down and pull the penis through the dick ring
  4. Now you have a fitted ring on and ready to go. 

 The removal of a penis ring is simply the reverse process of the above after the penis is no longer erected. 

 How Do I Choose A Perfect Ring? 

There are several options you have and many designs and materials.  

Leather and Leather Studded Dick Ring’s. 

Stainless Steel, Chrome Metal, Tri Ring Dick Ring’s (Also Known As 3 Ring Circus ‘s), Belt Ring’s (that have a buckle and eyelets to make them adjustable). 

Press Studded Ring’s (Ones that have adjustable press studs along them, these are also known as “Speed Studs” that refers to the size of the dick ring). 

Pinpricked Penus Rings (that have internal stimulation stud). 

Clitoral Stimulation Dick Rings (These have a knob on them to stimulate the clitoris). 

Male Chastity and Dick Cages (These as the term implies are used to deprive the wear he’s climax). 

Extension Dick Rings (That fit over the penis and extend the size of the penis which increases the wearers pleasure and vibrating the clitoris). 

I would suggest that you visit our Dick Toy collection and see what your options are; you might be surprised by what you see and be delighted with what we offer. 

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