Using Telepathic Love in Your Life

The basic principle of telepathic love is focusing your energies to send a specific type of love, such as compassion or acceptance, to another person.

The energy is sent to the person’s unconscious mind, allowing you to heal from a distance anytime that you feel it is needed. You can also focus on sending telepathic love to yourself when you are the one in need of emotional support.

Sending Telepathic Love to Someone Else

Many types of healers use telepathic love as a tool to promote healing. The first step is connecting to the person in your mind through mediation or while you are in a relaxed, restful state.

Remember to include your intentions in the emotion and allow the person to choose whether they are open to this type of healing.

Not everyone will be comfortable with emotional healing but you will find that many people are willing to try receiving your emotional support.

The best way to send unconditional and accepting love to someone else is to focus on them and the emotion that you wish to send.

Spend some time allowing the feelings that you want to send and allowing them to grow before sending them.

Intuitive healers may be able to sense whether the person is open to receiving emotional healing.

Intuitive healers may be able to sense whether the person is open to receiving emotional healing.

If you don’t feel a connection to the person or feel a blockage in the flow of emotion, it may be best to try a different type of emotional support or ask the person if sending energies to them is something they want to try.

After you feel connected to the person, you will gently send the love to them. Imagine colors that you find beautiful flowing to the person to relay the emotion that you want to send.

Sending Telepathic Love to Yourself

We are often far more forgiving to others than to ourselves. Finding new ways to overcome blockages that are caused by judging ourselves too harshly allows us to grow and achieve success in different areas.

Sending telepathic love to yourself is one easy way to heal issues that have held you back in the past. To begin, focus on sending love to someone that you are close to and that will accept the flow of energy readily.

This will prepare you to send the emotions to yourself.

After you have established a flow of positive emotions you will want to focus on yourself. Don’t be discouraged if you have trouble sending positive emotions to yourself at first.

With some practice, you will become more fluent in sending positive emotional support and healing energy to yourself. Whether you are sending telepathic love to someone else or yourself, you will want to plan about an hour to prepare and send the emotions.

This will give you plenty of time to meditate and build an emotional well to send to the person that you are focusing on.

Telepathic love is a unique tool that you can use to promote healing and encourage positive self-esteem and confidence in both yourself and others.